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April 2018 Issue


Serving Those Who Served

Serving Those Who Served

UCLA has long provided services to local veterans. Now, the university is adding three centers on the VA campus.



The Time Has Come

Director Ava DuVernay saw herself in the heroine of A Wrinkle In Time.


Sustained Effort

Jaime Nack has built a thriving business creating sustainability plans for corporate, government and nonprofit clients.


Neo News

When anyone can create and widely disseminate information, how do we sift through the morass to find the truth?


Head and Heart

Professor Jeff Burke is melding technology with storytelling, artificial intelligence with live theater.


Spring 2018 Happenings

A Bruin guide to the season’s best in UCLA arts and culture, sports and alumni events.


Starving For Justice

A 1993 hunger strike led to the creation of UCLA’s César E. Chávez Center.


Pride and Partnership

UCLA’s partnership with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs enables us to serve those who have served our nation.


Blood Rare

What happens when you mix a Blue Moon, Super Moon and Blood Moon?


Sea-ing Change

Sea-ing Change

Thousands of citizen-scientists are helping researchers save kelp forests. more »

Ancient Art Uncovered

Ancient Art Uncovered

A new method enabled scientists to reveal precise details on an Egyptian painting. more »

Holiday Cheer at the Children’s Hospital

Patients and families enjoyed a play-filled day at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital.

Innovation Inspiration

UCLA professors and alumni share approaches to innovation at business magazine’s annual festival.

Can L.A.'s Wildlife Survive?

UCLA researchers have found genetic impacts of the 101 Freeway on several species.

"Big Bang" Scholars

Five students receive these scholarships annually, thanks to the show's cast and crew.

Empower the Future

Consider the interactions between privacy, people and technology at the upcoming FuturizeX forum.

Go Blue (And Gold)

Dave Roberts ‘95 sees parallels between Bruin Athletics and the L.A. Dodgers: both have brands that are recognized worldwide.

Advising the Court

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the work of UCLA law students in Nelson v. Colorado.

Getting in the Way

Congressman John Lewis recently received the UCLA Medal for his social justice work.

A Harmonious Future

Bruin Margaret Martin uses music to boost the confidence and competence of disadvantaged youth.

Digging into Culture

UCLA archaeologists enlist the local community to help preserve Ethiopia's cultural heritage.